As part of our remit to promote and support the use of experimental methods in social science research, each year CESS Nuffield holds summer and winter schools around the world. This year we will be hosting summer and winter schools in Santiago (Chile), Pune (India), and Oxford (UK). Each school is a two-week, certificate-bearing course that covers the design and implementation of social science experiments, and the analytic tools necessary for their support.

In the first week, the course focus is on laboratory experiments. An introduction is given on experimental designs and recent topics in experimental social science are reviewed. The remainder of the first week focuses on hands-on lab experiments. Participants learn how to perform experiments in labs such as those at Oxford, Santiago, and Pune. Students will also learn how to program experiments using common experimental software.

The first half of the second week covers field and online experiments. In two afternoon sessions, participants will have the opportunity to present their own experimental research and receive feedback from an experienced team of instructors. The remainder of the second week covers topics of causal inference and experimental approaches to data analysis. Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to, (1) formulate research questions that can be addressed using experiments, (2) design and carry out experiments, and (3) analyse and interpret results from social sciences experiments.


Participants should have a basic background in research design and statistics. For example, with respect to research design, they should understand basic concepts such as exogeneity, control group, and confounding effects. With respect to basic statistics, they should understand the principles of ordinary least squares regression; how to calculate simple measures of association; and have some familiarity with a statistical software package. The hands-on experimental data analysis lab sessions will use R. Participants that are not familiar with R are strongly advised to attend the optional Introduction to R, taught in the first week.

Applications to this course are very competitive to we encourage you to apply as soon as possible.


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