In 2016 CESS Nuffield-FLAME University was established at FLAME University campus in Pune, India. A collaboration between CESS Nuffield and FLAME University, the aim of the Centre is to facilitate experimental research in the social sciences, providing international researchers with an Indian subject pool and contributing to the development of this rapidly-growing field of research in India.

The Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (CESS) was founded in 2008 at Nuffield College to promote and facilitate experimental social science at the University of Oxford. Since its inception, CESS’s goal has been to extend its global reach to bring together experimentalist from the international research community and to provide them with facilities around the world. The Centre in Pune, India, is the third CESS initiative, following the foundation of the Santiago Centre in Chile in 2015.

The Indian Centre has 34 lab stations, as well as sufficient waiting room space for 34 subjects, a reception area and cabins/cubicles for ten members of staff or researchers. CESS Nuffield-FLAME University is currently actively developing its subject pool by recruiting large numbers of English and Hindi-speaking subjects in the region (including Balngaldesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka, as well as India). Researchers are able to draw on this subject pool alone or to conduct experiments simultaneously with different subject pools, drawing on subjects from more than one of CESS’s partner institutions.

The Centre runs a host of annual training initiatives that include a Winter School and a CESS Young Scholars Program. Various academic events including seminars, workshops and colloquia are also held throughout the year.


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