In October 2016 CESS began a joint venture with FLAME University that culminated in a formal signing ceremony held on Thursday, 20 October at Nuffield College. The agreement was signed by the Warden of Nuffield, Sir Andrew Dilnot, and the Vice-Chancellor of FLAME University, Professor Singh. This began a new partnership, which includes a Winter School on Experimental Methods to be hosted in Pune, India, the creation of experimental facilities at the University, an online subject pool to mirror the CESS online subject pool in the UK, and the development of the capacity to conduct field experiments in Southeast Asia.

As of December 2016, our centre in Pune, India, has been assisting researchers and government agencies in the design and implementation of their experimental projects, with the support of our staff and facilities.

If you are interested in conducting lab experiments in India, please contact us on

Our lab in India has been running experiments since December 2016.

The Centre’s experimental lab facilities are located at FLAME University in Pune, which is a city that is 3 hours from Mumbai. The laboratory will be a state-of-the-art facility with 34 fully partitioned work-stations and a separate experimenter’s office. It is designed to support a wide range of experiments including those in which subjects are entirely separated from other participants; experiments in which subjects interact with each other; and experimental games in which subjects communicate anonymously but in real time.

The laboratory is open for use by both university staff members and other interested parties. The CESS Nuffield – FLAME University lab is currently developing its subject pool, which consists of students and non-students within the Pune area.

We invite graduate students, scholars, and interested party to contact us to find out more about our lab in India.

You can contact our lab manager at for more details about our lab in India.

Our team in India has vast experience of conducting online experiments and we are ready to assist scholars interested in conducting their online experiments in India.

CESS assumes that the online experiments are mostly survey-based. The CESS asks experimenters to use Qualtrics®2 for survey experiments unless there are particular reasons to justify the use of other software or programmes.

CESS has a strong team of programmers ready to develop online experiments that require a high level of interaction between participants and a high level of customisation.

Please contact us on  if you want to know how we can help you in the running of your online experiments.

Photo 22-01-2016, 17 09 06Our Centre in Pune, India is available to assist scholars interested in conducting lab-in-the-field experiments in Southeast Asia.

The centre is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that can be used to set up a lab in other countries in the region. CESS has acquired Qualtrics’ application that enables the administering of surveys on mobile devices without an internet connection.

We invite you to contact our lab manager on  to find out more about how we can help you.

CESS provides support in the design, administration and technical aspects of running field experiments in India. Over the past years, CESS has been actively involved in assisting scholars design and plan randomised control trials. CESS has played an active role in designing RCTs in the U.K., Europe, Africa, North America and South America.

CESS can also provide technical support for field experiments that require high level of programming skills, from simple text messaging treatments to video treatment.


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